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Shorts Reversible

Shorts Reversible


You are creative and flexible like our reversible shorts.

  • short sports shorts
  • high and wide waistband
  • close-fitting, figure-hugging cut
  • Logos kept minimalist in the color of the fabric

1 shorts, 4 styles - thanks to the sophisticated reversible look

  • Style 1: High waist shorts completely in ivory, high waist (squatproof, kidney warmers, shaping effect, nice waist, long legs)
  • Style 2: Ivory shorts with folded charcoal waistband
  • Style 3: High waist shorts completely in anthracite (squatproof, kidney warmers, shaping effect, nice waist, long legs)
  • Style 4: Shorts in anthracite with a folded, ivory colored waistband

Wear these shorts how you want! Thanks to the reversible look, these shorts are particularly versatile. You can wear them in ivory and anthracite and not only create another look by folding the hem, but also have more grip when pole dancing. These shorts are squat proof. The reversible look makes it guaranteed opaque and also conjures up a slight shaping effect. Our integrated logo "From another point of view" provides a small special effect. It is always legible for you and your counterpart depending on the viewing direction.

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