• Idea

    Another Fitchick is sportswear that makes you feel good. Our Made in Augsburg clothing with fabrics from the fashion metropolis of Milan feels like a second skin. The designs are inspired by and for the Pole Fitness scene. An exciting, intense and elegant full-body workout that places high demands on sportswear. We want to meet exactly these high demands and have designed our cuts in such a way that they are functional, offer perfect support and you feel energetic in them.
    With Another Fitchick you wear nothing but Italy spirit!



    Another Fitchick wants to inspire you to exercise - be the next fit chick! Sport strengthens your self-esteem and lets positive feelings flow. Movement, power, acrobatics and training let you get to know and feel your body better. It takes you to your personal next level! In our brand presentation, we rely on real people that we know personally. Because Another Fitchick is the new sports fashion for you and your friends.

    We are one community!


  • Design

    Anthracite and ivory are the primary colors of Another Fitchick. Timeless and stylish, they can be combined not only for sports, but also in everyday life with casual clothing or in a casual business look - for an athleisure feeling. Thanks to the reversible look, many of our products can be worn on both sides or with a foldable hem. This allows even more creativity in styling. It is important to us to create an elegant and at the same time simple design.

    Because: Simplicity is art!


    We make fashion for everyone. Our sportswear is designed so that everyone feels comfortable in it. It doesn't matter whether you do pole dance, powerlifting is your thing, you are otherwise active in sports or want to wear the clothes in everyday life. Our community combines a passion for sports and an active lifestyle. Another Fitchick is like yin and yang. It should complement you, unite masculinity and femininity and bring you into balance.

    classy Minimalistic. Chic. This is Another Fitchick.