Another Fitchick is more than a fashion label for us. Another Fitchick is ours
attitude to life.

And yes – we definitely want to make the world a better place. That's why sustainability is enough for us,
Regionality and make-to-order production are far from over. We would like
give more – together with you.

With every purchase from Another Fitchick we donate 1 euro each
Garment to Frauen*hilfe Munich. A facility that protects women
and provides safety from domestic violence. We contribute with our donation
us special workout offers for Frauen*hilfe. The participants learn
to gain courage and new strength in self-defense courses and personal training
to develop, increase their self-esteem and set clear boundaries.

We can see for ourselves the work of this organization on site
made and are convinced of the collaboration. Become part of this too
Female empowerment movement.

Another fit chick. Stronger together – that's the spirit!