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Reversible Pole Pants

Reversible Pole Pants


  • classic, elegant cut
  • no visible seams
  • minimalist elegance
  • with shaping effect
  • runs one size smaller

1 pant, 4 styles

  • Style 1: High Waist Pants in all ivory
  • Style 2: Low waist pants in the color ivory with folded anthracite colored waistband
  • Style 3: High Waist Pants completely in the color anthracite
  • Style 4: Low waist pants in the color anthracite with folded ivory colored waistband

These pole pants are all about feeling good. With invisible seams and classy lines, they stand for minimalist elegance. They can be perfectly combined with the pole bra and are extremely versatile. Thanks to the reversible look, you can wear them in either ivory or anthracite.

Depending on what figure you make at the pole, you can shorten the pants by folding down the hem and thus get more grip points on the pole.

The reversible look makes the pole pants guaranteed opaque and also conjures up a slight shaping effect.

Motivate others with your outfit in your favorite pole figures on Instagram using the hashtag #anotherfitchickofficial.

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