Another Fitchick is a young fashion label from Augsburg that specializes in
the conscious consumption of fashion. We want with our Slow
Fashion better protect people and nature.

Constantly changing fashion trends in the fashion industry
largely relied on cheaply manufactured and fast-moving goods.
We at Another Fitchick are stepping into this fast fashion with our
against philosophy. We produce timeless and stylish fashion that
is never "out of style" and is only manufactured when you
press the order button.

And not only that: we even offer you a repair service.
If a part breaks, you can simply send it in and we'll fix it
it pretty again. Many of our fabrics come from the fashion metropolis
Milan, our production has the former textile city of Augsburg as
home base.

Love me. Wear me. Care for me.

Another Fitchick is slow fashion made with passion.

  • Ethical Materials

    Our selected fabrics come from a traditional Milanese company that specializes exclusively in sports fabrics. Years ago, our fabric supplier was one of the first companies in Europe to commit to sustainable production.

  • Local production

    Because we love our homeland, we have all of our clothing manufactured in the district of Augsburg by a selected textile production facility that has relied 100 percent on Germany as a production location for over 70 years. The world's first leotards come from here.

  • Slow Fashion

    Careful instead of fast-paced. Great things take time. Another Fitchick wants to make fashion more conscious. We are a make-to-order production. This means that we only produce the garments when you order them. Become part of our movement too. After all, anticipation is the greatest joy.

  • Sustainability

    There are many small aspects that ultimately make the difference. In addition to ethical materials and local production, at Another Fitchick we pay attention to resource conservation and close, personal exchange with our business partners and customers.